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A Coalition of Artists at 8,827 feet
Small Community, Big Talent.

Situated high in the Rocky Mountains of southwest Colorado sits the Town of Rico, a proud artisan community of 256 people. Located 26 miles southwest of Telluride, we share in the wondrous beauty of the area, with added uniqueness of privacy and isolation. Positioned at 8827 ft. in elevation, things are quiet here in Rico, until you step into our artisans' workshops where the hum of action and creativity goes late into the night. We encourage you to learn more about our local artists and visit our vibrant community.



Our team of dedicated and engaged artists, working together to form a more united artisan community.
Matt Downer
Matt Downer Designs has been creating handmade furniture and lighting in Rico, Colorado since 2004. Using wood, steel and/or stone, each piece is sculpted to capture the natural beauty of the materials in an elegant and functional form. ________________________________________
Larry Brimner
As a writer for young people, my eye is tuned to a child’s world of discovery. From picture books to nonfiction for ‘tweens and teens, my goal is to excite, educate, and entertain. _________________________________________
Paul Jacobsen
Working between Brooklyn NY and Rico CO I have taken my studio and home in these locations as subject for my oil paintings and installations. _________________________________________
Laurie Adams
My Hands of the Heart, ceramic sculpture blessings are wearable jewelry, wall hangings and functional vessels. With such natural beauty, Rico enhances my alchemy ‘dance’ with clay. _______________________________________
Ruth Heffron
Beauty captures me – beauty in the every day and in the awe inspiring. It is truly a life’s work to try to capture in paint how I feel when confronted with the wonders of this world. _________________________________________
Taylor Green
Hello my name is Taylor Green. I am a sculptor and a musician. I have made a lot of custom furniture and musical instruments. You can hear some of my music on SoundCloud under the name Taylor Keith Green. _________________________________________ My Soundcloud
KSJD—through people, power, and assets such as the Rico satellite studio—informs, entertains, and empowers the community by showcasing local talent and culture. _________________________________________
Justin Bain
Alacrán Woodworks specializes in the design and construction of custom, freestanding furniture, with style centered around the mining history of the San Juan Mountains. _________________________________________
Ann Jenemann
I attempt to share moments of natural beauty through my landscape oil paintings. My goal is to provide the viewer with a more lasting impression of nature that they can experience. _________________________________________
Carole Rychtarik
Glass Works
Carole’s are is a wonderful blend of color, composition and shapes. She uses texture and color to create some of the vibrant, beautiful and unique pieces that are timeless and never loose appeal. _________________________________________

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